ESSAYS:                                                                                   I&LOVE&YOU                  THE  DANCE  BETWEEN  TWO  PHOTOGRAPHS 


PHOTOGRAPHY / video:                 PLANT  DRAG                   ddd

In order to instigate ways of seeing that require multiple points of view at the same time, and to mirror the pluralism of the audience, the dancer needs to see themselves as both singular and plural, an agonistic Self, a figure of difference, or a transindividual. "xhe" is not a he, not a she, not an it. xhe is the pronoun for the possible, the queer or the multiple, a figure that moves between a Square and an Octopus. "Hundreds & Thousands" enlists plants as mediators and collaborators. Listening to, breathing with, waiting for… performance is the moment when subjects present themselves fully, when a movement out of stillness, as well as a movement unto stillness reveals the rich layers of relationality between things.