Photo by Mindipics
Photo by Mindipics
Photo by SW Photography

Between 2006 and 2014, Daniel Kok trained as a professional pole dancer. In 2012, he was the overall champion of the SG Pole Challenge (Singapore), and in 2013, he represented Singapore as a finalist in the International Pole Championships. He trained and taught at the Arcopolates (Singapore) and Sarahcademy (Brussels) studios. He has performed as a pole dancer in different parties in Singapore, Berlin, Sydney, Sofia and Brussels. 


Daniel Kok adapts the praxis of the stripper or pole dancer to unpack the relational politics of spectatorship and rearticulate terms of the social contract that underpins  performance.

PERFORMANCE:           ALPHA (2015)                PLANET ROMEO  (2012) 


TEXT/ESSAYS:               GIVE  IT AWAY                   THE  STRIPPER'S  PRACTICE                    3 MONOLOGUES                  THE   GAY  RomEO  LOG  BOOK